Thursday, February 16, 2006

Parking Woes At PFS

Things have gone really out of hand in Penang Free School lately, no thanks to one certain overzealous senior assistant who's trying so hard to make a name for himself. Doing it for the school? Doing it for the students? Oh please, save all that crap for someone dumb enough to believe you. We definitely don't. Take a look at his most recent handywork:

Students' parking irks residents

Indiscriminate parking by Penang Free School students on both sides of the Halaman Free School road in Penang is driving residents in the area up the wall.

They claimed that the road had become narrow since the students parked their cars there.

Mohd Sultan, 37, said the stu- dents began parking there after the school banned them from parking inside the school compound effective Feb 6.

"With them parking on both sides of the road, only one car can pass at a time although it is a two-way road," he said.

Mohd said he did not under- stand the school's decision to ban students from parking in the school compound when there was ample space inside.

"We were told by the school that the ban was enforced as some students hid inside their cars to smoke," he added.

A Penang Free School senior assistant who refused to be named declined to comment on the complaints.

Just a few days back the students had a rude shock when they found a Chap Goh Meh/Valentine's Day gift on their car windshields. They were issued police summons for parking their cars at that residential area. It was alleged that the senior assistant in question was the person who called the traffic police to issue the summons but my bet would be on the disgruntled residents instead. They were probably in the wrong to park there in the first place but can we truly blame them? Where are they expected to park then when their own school disallow them to park within the school premises? It's as if that bozo is discouraging students from coming to school!

Of course there are other means to go to school but what if that is the only way? In a time where the students have tuition classes practically everyday and quite a number of them straight after school, how can we expect the students to depend on the unreliable public transport or even car-pooling with friends that have stay-at-home parents? Are they forced to ride bikes then? Who is this fat shit to decide how the students should come to school?

Initially I thought the reason for banning student cars in the school premises was due to the lack of parking for staff (which is always a grievance even here in USM). However, after reading the papers today, I was totally flabbergasted that the reason behind the ruling was to stop students from smoking in the car! Oh come on, what kind of lame excuse is that?

As a prefect during my time in the school, I know that there are plenty more places that the students will light up the cancer sticks which are more popular compared to their cars. We've caught people smoking in the toilets before. Should we then tear down all the toilets in the school to stop the smoking menace? We've found people smoking in the hostel which is also the den of so many things evil and wrong. Should we then close the hostel altogether and turn it into a library? We've also found people smoking in the surau among other things! Now then, tell we what we should do to the surau?

If he is serious in combating the smoking issue, he should start with the teachers first who light up in the school ever so often. He should also empower the school prefects to tackle this problem instead of making them useless and powerless. He should stop coming up with all these nonsense and start working on the real issues instead.

It's amazing how this dimwit can come up with such half-baked ideas at such a consistent rate. Why did he refuse to be named? Why did he refuse to comment on the complaints? What's wrong? Cat caught your tongue? I remember very clearly people telling me he was very vocal during the school assembly about not being afraid of any objections and would face them all upfront. Why the sudden change of heart? Has his tiny little balls shrunk even further along with his waistline as he went from an oversized potato to the ghastly looking figure he is now? Is that even physically possible considering raisins can be considered a giant when compared to his nuts?

He has ripped up the school traditions one by one and boasting his so-called accomplishments and his service to the school while insulting all the things about the school that we are proud of. I can't entirely blame him for feeling high and mightly in the school. After all, the Frees that are studying in the school today frankly speaking, have no balls to go against him! They are nothing compared to the Frees of yesteryears. We wouldn't have allowed a moron like him desecrating the good name of our school in such a manner.

His actions so far have really left a bad taste in my mouth. It would be so simple to compile a dossier of all his wrongdoings and get him out of the school or at least just stop him from destroying the school even more. Why aren't the current Frees doing anything about it? You can't expect Old Frees to do something when the current Frees are willing to just go through with it without even a squeak! The onus is on the current Frees to start standing their ground and show this joker what true Frees are made of.

This clown wants to make a name for himself in the school. He wants to leave a legacy behind. Well, I've good news for him. He has definitely achieved his goals. He shall forever be remembered as the person that disgraced the good name of the school, destroyed it's traditions and brought the downfall of Penang Free School. Good work! For the residents that would like to thank him for the grievances he has caused, you can always just walk across the street since he's staying right at the Government quarters within the school.

UPDATE: I've been pointed to a similar article found in the New Straits Times to whom the questionable senior assistant was willing to give an interview and mentioned the reasons behind the ban.

Residents irked over parking

A decision by the Penang Free School to bar its students from parking their cars in the school compound has kicked up a storm of protest from some residents nearby.

Some of the residents in the vicinity of Jalan Halaman Free School claim students are parking their cars along the road, causing them much inconvenience.

Students were told they would not be allowed to park their cars in the school compound in a letter signed by the principal, Mohd Yusuf Omar. The ban has been in effect since Feb 6.

Those riding motorcycles or bicycles are now only allowed to park in the compound if they buy stickers costing RM3 each.

According to the school's senior assistant (students affairs), Abdul Latif Mohd Yusoff, the directive was issued with the consent of the parent-teacher association.

"We decided to ban students from driving their cars into the school compound to prevent accidents and untoward incidents. There were cases of students making out in their cars."

A resident, Mohammed Sultan, 37, said the Jalan Halaman Free School road was now reduced to a single lane because both sides of the road were used for parking.

"We have complained to the city council but no action has been taken."

"We have also spoken about the matter to the school principal but they have washed their hands of it, saying they have no control over where students park their cars."

Mohammed claimed 30 to 40 cars were usually parked along the road on most days.

Oh come on! The ban was "to prevent accidents" and due to "cases of students making out in their cars"? You think the car is the only place they can make out? There are so many other places in the school that are available to the them which are suitable! What is he going to do about those other places then? How many accidents occured in the school premises then that warranted such an action? Accidents will happen anywhere. That's why it's called an accident! Do you see the Government closing down roads or banning the ownership of vehicles due to road accidents?!? I guess next they'll ask the students to glue their school ties to their necks so they won't forget to wear them! Preposterous!

He's so smart in pushing the blame to others. This is not the first time he has done so when he finds himself in deep shit. Trying to wash your hands clean by pointing out the principal issued the orders and approval was gained by the parents-teachers association? Who was the mastermind behind all of these? Who was the devil pulling all the strings? Please, you can't fool everyone. In the end, the truth will prevail. He must remember that he's the senior assistant for student affairs and his priority is to protect the welfare of the students, not make their schooling life a living hell! Way to go for putting the school in the national dailies for all the wrong reasons. You should be proud of yourself!!!

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  1. Relax la...dont have to be so mad over that stupid idiot,we can just sit down and enjoy the show..i wonder how he is going to answer the question.i bet hes gona get himself into trouble this time.haha

  2. the time is right for the students and parents to put pressure on him so all the nonsense can stop but still nothing is being done!

    why wait for next week during the PTA meeting? now is the time to strike when the enemy is least prepared!

    now the spotlight is on the school...everybody who is anybody will definitely give support and keep the pressure on those who do not have the best interest for the school...

  3. He's a useless git who's only plus is his SIZE,... And his ability to suck up to practically everyone.... Not much of a teacher too.... LAzy git....

    Well, PFS has long died and buried, its now Sekolah Menengah Penang Free, school of substandards, double standards and useless leaders....

    I'm a SMK Georgetown supporter now.... Just you watch, the georgies will grow, after all SRKBL are feeding it.... SMKPF's loss is SMK Georgetown's gain....

    Don't intend on cursing him here.... Not worth it, but he really should have left after his stroke.... The pressure will surely get to him now....

  4. true srkbl students are going to georgetown nowadays but the best are still placed in pfs. it'll take some time before it truly catches up but i'm sure it will eventually especially when the degradation in pfs is so acute! after all, georgetown was one of the best schools many decades ago!

    i've got news that pfs students do have some balls indeed. they've taken steps to counter this problem. i guess when push comes to shove, the students woke up from their slumber. how far they are willing to go is another matter altogether though...

  5. Come on, the freshies may be cowards... but we fifth formers are fighting and resisting!

    Though we get very very discouraged by how receptive the forth formers and others may be.... we choose to stand on our rights and defend it... In fact we went as far as preparing a petition from parents and gathering them on a single day to post their verbal 'shout-out's at the administration office...

    Again, we failed when the PTA chairlady got to know about it. We were advised to hand these matters to her hands. We trusted her as she promised to voice our anger and resentment during the PTA-meet-Admin meeting.

    Much to our disgust, she gave in... and our hopes came crashing like shattered glass...

    I hope u guys out there won't give up on us...
    We truly are the Frees of yesteryears...

  6. well, we do hope what you say is true after all...the battle has just begun!