Saturday, February 11, 2006

Understanding The Pak Guard Mentality

I've had countless altercations with security guards, so much so that I could have mistaken their sole purpose of being appointed to those positions is not to ensure our safety but to annoy us and make our lives a living hell. How else do you explain them always giving you a hard time for no apparent reasons?

Most (if not all) of my experiences actually involves security guards manning the entry points. They seem bent on making our lives miserable. I admit that some can be really nice but they are a scarce minority. It makes no difference if they are male or female security guards. In fact, the female ones can be so much more bitchy! I've even come up with a hypothesis that the reason they are so grouchy is due to them not getting any 'action' the previous night. How else can you explain their change of expression which can be a drastic 180 degrees turn? Suddenly out of the blue, they can be so nice and pleasant to you! Hmmm....they were probably 'busy' the night before! :P Hey, it has been scientifically proven that sex makes you happy!

I've had a few problems with the guards at N-Park where I will go twice a week to give tuition. Security is tight, which is good but if only they made it convenient for visitors who obviously do not have access cards to enter the compound. When you register yourself as a visitor and mention that the purpose of your visit is to give tuition, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that a visitor's parking space is needed. The visitor's parking lots are inaccessible unless they unlock the space for you and it's at the other end of the property. They would ever so frequently let you in and not unlock the visitor's parking space for you thus forcing you to park in someone else's designated parking space.

I was fortunate not to face any problems for the first few weeks but my luck ran out one day when the owner of the parking space complained to the guards and they locked the wheel of my car. I was shocked when I came down three hours later to find my car wheel locked. After approaching a guard who was stationed nearby, he demanded I pay a fine ammounting to RM30 before he would unlock the wheel of my car. What irks me even more is that on that very particular day, I insisted at the security post for the guards to open a visitor's parking space for me but they just asked me to drive in and wait there. I waited for half an hour but no one came to unlock the parking space for me. Since it was already time for my tuition class, I had no choice but to park at somebody else's lot, hoping they wouldn't mind and/or I would be gone before they realised.

Fortunately, I didn't have any money on me at the time. Yes, not even one ringgit and I shoved my wallet to him as proof. He didn't have any other choice but to reluctantly unlock my car wheel and released me. What else could he do? Sit there the whole night and drink tea with me under the moonlight? During our 15-30 minutes 'discussion', it was so convenient of him to flash his expensive clamshell handphone. It was this very same pak guard that enquired about me giving his children tuition lessons just a few days before the incident and asking for a huge discout because he's 'poor'. Yeah, he's so poor that his children is starving and wearing rags but he's capable of owning a mobile phone that's probably twice his monthly wage! Unbelievable!

I faced many instances after that which the security guards were just too lazy to unlock the visitor's parking space for me that I had to walk to the security post several times to 'remind' them until they finally open a spot for me. I grew tired of this charade and decided to park outside instead nowadays. This was probably what they set out to do right from the beginning! Their ploy is probably to make you so annoyed that you decide to park outside and not bother them at all. Lazy assholes!!!

Just the other day, a USM guard stopped me at the security post at the Bukit Gambier gate. I was already nearly through the security post when suddenly he jumped in front of my car demanding I moved my car to the side of the road. Geez, what's with these people pushing my car to the side of the road?!? He enquired the purpose of my 'visit'. DUH?!? I'm a student here and this is not even the first time you've seen me! There's even a sticker on my car, albeit last year's sticker. I showed him my student card and the excuse he came up for stopping me was that I was driving fast. Huh?!? You do realise there's a bump that I've to get over, right? You didn't think I flew past the bump, did you? Of course I slowed down but what else did you expect me to do? Stop altogether?

Of course some would point to me not having a car sticker and deserved being stopped but hey, if they had decided to give me a sticker in the first place, the problem wouldn't have existed. I don't see a reason for getting a car sticker either. I've seen cars with stickers getting reprimanded anyway so what's the use? There's definitely double-standards. Ever so often I see cars without stickers being allowed entry without a single peep from these people. Bikes however have a free run in and out the campus since they are not in direct competition to the staff for parking space.

The problem lies with the issuance of stickers to undergraduate students. They should not be allowed to drive into campus at all. I don't see the rationale of blocking some graduate students (who obviously needs a car in campus more than an undergraduate) from driving within campus and allowing undergraduates to roam freely. I don't understand why they have not fully implemented the access card entry to the campus. What's the use of spending so much money on changing our student cards to the new chip-based smart cards when they are not fully utilised? The card can be used to control entry and limit the access of vehicles. The card already contains information such as the status of students and staff. As such, if it's an undergraduate, deny entry! It can be so easily programmed and manipulated in whatever way the university deems fit. This way, the undergraduates will not take up the parking space which is so evidently empty during semester breaks and get the graduate students blamed instead.

There seems to be a certain attitude that security guards possess (at least the bad-ass ones). They probably have to be tough and all that shit but as long as they are considerate and understanding, I don't think anyone would mind them being tough. I mean, who wants a sissy as a security guard, right? They definitely do not need to annoy people and make their lives miserable. No disrespect to them but their mindset is stuck at feeling sorry for themselves and finding it their priority to make everyone else feel as miserable as them. They must remember that it is not us that put them in whatever sorry state they are in. It's themselves that make the situation so. We definitely do not owe them a living. It's not like we achieved where we are today by trampling all over them. Being a security guard is a very noble occupation and they do not need to tarnish it by their disgraceful actions. This is possibly the reason why they will find it hard to climb higher up the ranks of society. It's all in the mindset.

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