Tuesday, February 07, 2006


I just had one of the most creepy nightmares a few nights back. Really scary...really creepy! I'll have to say it's a 'wet' dream since I was sweating all over when I woke up (except that part of my body which was dry, fortunately)! I was totally drenched in sweat all over and if anyone would to have seen my face at the time, I would probably look really pale.

So here's what happened. I can't exactly remember what happened before 'that incident', most likely due to the shocking nature of 'the incident' but I was happily talking to some old friends when suddenly...one friend of mine suddenly came from behind and bear-hugged me. That act itself was already shocking enough but what happened after that was even more shocking! Get this...he started necking me! WTF?!? I tried my best to break free but just couldn't escape from his surprisingly strong grip! Seriously, I never remembered him to be a strong person during our schooling days. He's considered to be more of a weakling cuttlefish. Big backside -yes, strong arms - NO! :P After that, I immediately woke up and found myself sitting in my bed totally shocked! What kind of shitty dream is that?!? Don't you think that's some scary shit?

Actually, just recently I accidentally discovered that he's gay through Friendster (it's a long story and I just don't want to go into details about how I made that discovery). Maybe that's why I was haunted by that dream (nightmare more like it!). Actually I've been avoiding him for awhile now even before my recent discovery. I just find it awkward being with him and what I just found out doesn't help the situation one bit. I mean, I'm ok with gays and all, and it's not like we didn't know that he might be gay but knowing it for sure now somehow changes things a little (OK, A LOT!). I've also discovered that some of my other friends are indeed gay recently but the reaction is just different. Yes, it might be a little awkward at first but it's only for a short while and everything goes back to normal after that. As for this fella, I think it might just be a little more difficult, especially after that dream I had! Maybe it's because they told me about their sexual orientation and they are just open about it, which is a different case for this fella.

I don't know if I'm being mean but I'm really quite shaken by the dream and I just have to continue avoiding him for quite some time until I recover from it. I can still remember that part of the dream so vividly! OMG, please help me!!!


  1. have u heard the song from disney's cinderella:

    'a dream is a wish your heart makes, when you're fast asleep...'

    hmmm...gay magnet...? ;)

  2. ***blurghhh***

    pls don't let me vomit out my char koay teow again...not cheap nowadays...

    if it was someone more 'attractive'...maybe can still consider (if i was *ahem*) but this fella...kenot la...i'll rather jump off a bridge!!!

  3. brokeback mountain has corrupted your dreams...that's why...

  4. this was BEFORE i watched brokeback mountain...

  5. premonition?

    hahaha...just pulling your leg..relaxlah...it was just a dream. if u see that guy in real life and he's already puckering up, just don't look back...run...