Friday, February 17, 2006

Of Dots And Dashes

Some of you might have realised the weird looking dots and dashes I've put up on the three instant messaging clients I currently use namely Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger and MSN Messenger. It's not like I've somehow forgotten how to write using Latin text and now can only speak incoherently through dots and dashes. It's just that I've rediscovered my passion for codes and the most common and popular code in the world is Morse Code.

I could remember Morse Code like the back of my hand. Maybe not all the letters of the alphabet but enough to decipher any message in Morse Code. I actually have a system of how to remember the code which is quite simple actually. That's why I feel that it's not impossible to actually master Morse Code. Ask anyone on the street nowadays and nine out of ten will tell you they don't know Morse Code. Even scouts do not know Morse Code nowadays. Well, Morse Code has come a long way. Even technology has made deciphering Morse Code easy. You can now use this tool for your Morse Code deciphering needs. No need to memorise all the dots and dashes combinations. Now you'll be able understand what I'm saying! :P

Well, Morse Code is not the only code that I know of actually. I know a handful of other codes and cyphers when I was younger. Hmmm, that didn't sound right. It makes me sound as if I'm 50 or some middle-aged person now. I am only 25, no? But I know that I'm definitely not young anymore so I guess I am old. :P I guess, it's just in my nature to figure things out. I'm one curious wreck. I just need to understand things and solve them. I just can't resist the temptation of figuring out puzzles and the like. I guess I just get the thrill of using my grey matter and experience the adrenaline rush while working them out. I suppose that's why I enjoy Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code so much and now stuck with Sudoku. Haha....

Maybe I will just start digging for my notes on codes and ciphers and start going through them again. ;)

(picture from Wikipedia)

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