Monday, November 14, 2005


I've just finished reading (finally) Dan Brown's Angels and Demons. It took me much longer to finish this novel compared to The Da Vinci Code. If The Da Vinci Code was more about art vs religion, this one was more about science vs religion. It's also Robert Langdon's 'big adventure story' before The Da Vinci Code. The reason I took so long with this one is its inability to keep hold on me after every chapter! It was practically a drag for the beginning chapters, up to a third of the novel. The Da Vinci Code was more interesting and enticing. Although the whole novel revolves around the 24 hour timeframe, it didn't really feel like time was running out when you read the novel. The novel was also quiet predictable but nevertheless, it was well-written. The novel only got interesting nearer the end of the book but the whole book was a good read, nonetheless. Recommended reading. I would like to thank delphynus and her sister for lending me the book and being patient with me taking so long to finish the book.

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  1. u are most welcome :)
    we are thinking of getting the other novel...

  2. there are a few others...which one? deception point? digital fortress?

  3. deception point first, then maybe later on the other one :)

  4. oic...dunno if they will be any good or not.

  5. i'll bet they won't be as captivating as the da vinci code.
    but i still want to read, hehe...