Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Penang Free School In Crisis

I've been urged to highlight the current state of affairs of my alma mater in the newspapers by a group of people who are very passionate about Penang Free School. However, I've not been able to find the time to think clearly and draft a strong letter that would warrant a strong response. Some were too frustrated with the situation that they wrote in themselves which were published recently, albeit a huge chunk of their original messages being edited out, thus becoming a tame affair. The school admin even brushed it aside and labeled it merely as 'outside noise'. I think the time is right for me to submit my letter now especially after reading of a reunion dinner being organised by the school Board of Governors on December 3rd in The Star today. The previous big celebration was held in 1991 for the 175th anniversary but why is it being held this year, the 189th anniversary? I don't see any need or significance in organising one this year and instead of organising a reunion dinner, the Board of Governors should concentrate their effort on helping the school from sinking any deeper than it already has and return it to its former glory before it totally becomes useless to organise the all important 200th anniversary dinner because the school is non-existent anymore. Of course I cannot guarantee my strong-worded letter will get published but rest assured, it will definitely ruffle some feathers.

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