Monday, January 02, 2006

Pak Guard Wants Tuition

On the way to tuition, I was questioned by the security guard on my purpose being there. Of course I told him the truth which was I'm there to give tuition to some tenant's kids. To my surprise, he enquired further about my giving tuition! this guy interested in having tuition? Hahaha...

Apparently, no. He's looking for a tutor for his kid. It's amazing where opportunities can pop up. In this case, it was at a parking lot with a security guard. Although it's not a sure shot yet but at least it shows that opportunities can surface at any place, at any time. It's up to everyone to answer when opportunity knocks. Very often, I don't quite answer to them but I'm learning to do more of it now.

There's this one somewhat potential 'customer' I still have to convince that my services are good enough and my charges are not exorbitant as she claims. I will bend a little but if her demands are too much, then that's the end of the story. I will not bend over backwards just to please her and put myself in a spot.

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