Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Amazing Vanishing RM3.20

I just can't figure out why I'm short of RM3.20. Maybe I've been a tad more busy and a little bit tired nowadays but I'm sure I should be able to recall spending RM3.20 for something in the past couple of days! I truly cannot explain why I'm short of RM3.20 and the amount is so strange. It's not RM3 or just 20sen, it's RM3.20...exactly!

Yes, if you must know, I do keep track of my expenditure. It is so that I do not go overboard when spending my money. I can be very spendthrift if I want to. :P What I really do not understand is how is it that I'm short of exactly RM3.20. It's like I spent it on something but have no recollection of it now and this can only be from expenses within the past couple of days!

Am I really getting so forgetful? Maybe I did leave it on some desk or something thus doing some charity for the person who finds it. The lab was a bit crowded the past few days and I could have left the money on the bench or something without realising but it's truly amazing that I could have done such a thing.

Even if I would to have dropped it or something, why such an odd amount? Coins are kept in a zipper bag just so I can prevent them from getting lost! I would have understood if RM3 was missing as maybe I dropped the bills or it flew away or something but the thought of missing RM3.20, either an accumulative or a single amount, it's really bizarre.

Anyway, after trying to figure this out since last night, I've come to accept that I've done some 'charity' with the RM3.20. I hope whoever that fortunate person may be would put the money to good use although it can be considered as just a paltry amount. :(


  1. looks like u really couldn't sleep...thinking about your lost loot...hehehe

    but i'd like to tell u something, something very important...
    it wasn't me...

  2. sort of...lolz...

    and i know it wasn't you and i don't care who it is i!

  3. you know what, i do keep track of my money too...but i still can't explain how i'm short of rm100++!

  4. i'd like to remind u: that u handed over RM 5 to me to pass it to someone today...

    just in case u get short term memory loss over the amazing vanishing RM 5 ;)

  5. @dahvid
    hahaha....usually i will be able to recall the 'missing' amount but this time it's very strange how i still can't until now! :P

    yes, i can remember that! :P