Saturday, January 21, 2006

Meet My Wife

No-lah, not my's my friend's wife. I myself will be shocked to hear I had a wife hidden somewhere that I didn't know of. :P I took him to the airport yesterday to greet her wife who had spent the whole day flying from Shanghai including transit at KLIA. He's one lucky guy as from my first impression, I find her to be an intelligent and attractive lady.

I've seen her in photos before but I guess what they say is true. Someone will look totally different in person compared to photos, videos, television and so forth. I don't know if I look different since I've been told that I am photogenic *ahem* but I do know that I sound different on voice recordings but I'm getting used to it now. ;) She's really quite tall and you really can't see this in photos. Fortunately, my friend is tall too. Hehehe...

Yesterday was also a day of treats. They took me out for dinner to thank me for my 'taxi service' although I had plans to have dinner at home. In fact, I promised to go home for dinner yesterday since it has been a week since I ate at home but the only courteous thing to do is to accept their offer. I was actually shocked when the wife handed over a bag of treats (sweets/chocolates/sweets) which is suppose to be quite popular in China. Haiz....paiseh la....

Oh yeah, I call it a day of treats since earlier yesterday, I was even treated for lunch! It was totally unexpected but I guess the best treats are always those that you don't expect, right? She gave me a treat since I was repairing her computer. Actually, there's still work to be done since I found out there's something wrong with her hardware too! I had initially diagnosed her software causing the problem. Well, she need not have bought me that treat seriously but I'm grateful for her gesture nonetheless. :)

Hmmm....some other people owe me some treats especially one particular person. I wonder when will someone start treating me since he owes me a long list of treats by now and it always keeps increasing! :P

That reminds me, I also owe some people some treats but I've decided on the treat and also the time for the treat already. Hmmm....maybe the more suitable title for this entry is "All About Treats" or something like that. :P


  1. i don't think i owe u anything, no?

    and please lah, since when u got 'pai-seh' when ppl belanja u..?

  2. haiyo...don't la pecah my tembelang... :P