Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Who Owes Who Now?

There's a saying that you should never borrow money from your friends as it will complicate matters. Realistically, most of such 'friendly' transactions are safe and you as the lender will be able to get back your money. Sometimes (only sometimes but unfortunately one is bad enough) some of these transactions turn sour.

I've had my fair share of such 'soured' transactions. I am hardly a borrower as I try my very best not to do so unless really necessary. However, on many occasions, I do become the lender. Previously, I would just leave the matter to rest or even consider the bad debt as a 'gift' to my borrower friends. I mean, how do you tell them that they owe you money? It will be such an awkward moment, no? As the person who made the decision to borrow the money, you should at least have the courtesy of remembering and make it a habit to return the money as soon as possible. I will always feel very uncomfortable if I had to borrow money from someone. It will be my first priority to return the money as soon as possible or I'll feel as if there's this weight on my shoulder all the time.

I understand that sometimes you will forget as I probably would have on numeral occasions but if it was ever pointed out to me that I had forgotten to repay my borrowings, I will feel so ashamed that I will find the quickest way to return the money, whatever it takes even if I would to incur some sort of loss or inconvenience. I mean, it's only fair since I've actually inconvenienced my lender friend and I'm not even being charged interest, right? Unfortunately, not everyone thinks this way.

Awkward moment or not, nowadays I will remind my debtors of their borrowings. I'm not in a position to be charitable now, you see. Although the amount might be small, I just find it wrong that you do not feel it is something important. Worse still, when you are reminded of your debts, the least you could do is to pay up immediately. Please remember who is the debtor. Please remember who owes who. I believe the borrower has an obligation to cater and accomodate to the lender in this case and not the other way around since you have clearly erred. In this technologically advanced age we live in, there are so many possibilities, so many options to choose from. I feel it is only right not to inconvenient the lender anymore.

It is bad enough that you expect me to wait in campus till so late just so I can accomodate to your time. It is bad enough that I have to come up with the money in the first place when I'm unemployed. It is bad enough that I have to wait three months for my money to be returned (IF it is returned). I'm not asking from you a single sen more than what you had borrowed and now you are making such a fuss about the minimal service charge for each online transaction? You got to be kidding me!

Of course I'm not going to be so stringent like financial institutions and all but I have limitations too. It seems that I have to accomodate to his schedule and not the other way around. If I'm not able to be around at his designated time then that's just too bad for me. WTF?!? I've taken the extra effort to stay behind way after when I would usually have gone back when the one that should put in the extra effort is him! It is as if I'm the one owing him something! Now it's my fault for not being able to accomodate to his schedule? Outrageous!


  1. wow! too much lah that fellow!

  2. you think so too? the nerve of some people!!!

  3. your blog is back to need that extra click, yay! i like...

  4. it has been proven to be more beneficial for me the other way but what the heck... :P