Thursday, January 19, 2006


Being someone who frequents McDonald's everyday nowadays (well, at least for the whole of this week!), something caught my attention. Some of the items on the menu were plastered with the sign "SOLD OUT!". Sold out? Is business that good? Some of the items that I could remember are the Peach Orange Sundae, the Peach Orange McFlurry, and the Ayam Goreng McD. Hey, what's happening here? I didn't even get a chance to taste them yet!

I first saw these "SOLD OUT!" signs during my trip to Sungai Petani yesterday. My first impression was that it might not be available there due to the town being small or there might not be demand for such items there. Little did I know that today when I visited the Sungai Dua outlet here near USM to purchase my usual lunch/tea/dinner (call it what you want...), they had the same "SOLD OUT!" signs on the very same items! Huh?!? What's going on? Is there a shortage of peaches and chickens in Malaysia or are these items that unattractive that the only economically sound thing to do is to take them off the menu!

I'm really curious. Can somebody in the know tell me what's happening here? Doesn't McDonald's want my cash? I'm dying for some Peach Orange Sundae right now! I'm so not lovin' it now...


  1. they are lazy to make the the slap the 'sold out' sign...? i dunno.

    next time u go, pls call me. i would like an ice cream too... :)

  2. i go mondays to thursdays...lolz :)

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  4. I think it's quite likely that they're being taken off the menu.

    My friend used to work as a manager at McD's in Singapore, where the Peach sundae was taken off long ago.

    He said that the Peach sundae was taken off because the shelf life of the peach topping is limited, and there weren't enough people buying the peach sundae. Thus, it was a waste of money for them to keep it on the menu.

  5. fair enough...but what abt the ayam goreng mcd?!? what's wrong with mcd nowadays...

  6. but u can get that sundae mom seems to be getting them. she usually goes to the outlet in sunrise.

    they are just too lazy i tell u...lazy to fry the damn chicken. or is it because all their chickens have bird flu, have to bring them to hospital?

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  8. @delphynus
    haiz...they dowan my business la...plain simple... :P

    @penangpodcast aka vincent aka shua hu
    hope you could hyperlink the links in looks really ugly this way...thanks...

  9. very bad luck today...
    i love their milkshakes. guess what? machine spoilt. then, thought we'd settle for ice cream instead. machine also spoilt...
    what the hell man? everything also spoilt!
    (it was the outlet in prangin btw.) hai! must be u cursed me since u didn't get your peach sundae.
    i wished every outlet would have milkshakes instead of a selected few only. what a waste!

  10. didn't know they still had milkshakes! remember my friends would religiously buy their milkshakes after school is afterall beside the largest mcd on the island? :P

  11. they only have them in certain outlets. what a terrible shame!

    hmm...i'd love to have some now. vanilla's my fave :)

  12. they had three flavours if i'm not mistaken...strawberry, chocolate and vanilla...i think i've taken it only once...

  13. only once? wow...
    there's coffee flavour too in some outlets.

    it's good that the sungai 2 outlet doesn't have milkshakes...or else my veins would probably be filled with vanilla milkshake instead of blood :)