Friday, January 27, 2006

Give Me A Break!

Sometimes, people just have to learn to be more considerate. Next week is Chinese New Year week, filled with loads of holidays. Isn't it time for some festive cheer and spending some quality time with family and friends while getting some good rest? Apparently not!

If you do not know, I'm giving tuition and the only time I can rest is on the weekends since I have classes Mondays through Thursdays. I've been looking forward to next week not only because it's Chinese New Year but it's like a long week of holidays. I was really looking forward to getting some rest and relaxation to replenish my batteries but I guess it's all just wishful thinking.

Sunday and Monday is Chinese New Year. Tuesday Wednesday is the replacement for Sunday while Wednesday Tuesday is Awal Muharram. All these are public holidays! Shouldn't I at least get the week off? It's not like they are losing any lessons or anything! They are getting four lessons in January and the same goes for February too! They are not short-changed in anyway whatsoever! In fact, I teach longer by 15 to 30 minutes every single class! I go early for classes and leave later than expected. It's unbelievable really. Even if they want to squeeze every ounce of juice from me, at least think of their own children! How will they feel having lessons during Chinese New Year?!? Isn't it only fair that they get a break to enjoy the festivities too?

I was just shocked that they could even sound startled that I'm not going to have classes next week! The children were so looking forward to a break next week and so was I. The break can only do wonders to all of us by getting out batteries recharged. The only solution to the situation was me giving replacement classes and the only day possible is Friday. That would mean a full working week for the month of February and shorter time to rest on the weekends!

Although the reason for me giving tuition is to generate some needed income, I've not once shirked my responsibility as a tutor. My students are my utmost priority and they always come first regardless of what happens. I even drop students who aren't progressing well enough and I feel I'm not in a position to help, just so the parents do not waste more money on me. If I'm just thinking of making a quick buck, I wouldn't give a rat's ass if the student was progressing or not, as long as I get paid, no? Unfortunately, I'm not that type of person. That's why I will stay on after my designated teaching hours which can only benefit my students. I even buy workbooks for them and not claim back!

As long as I know my students are doing better now compared to before I taught them, I'm happy even if it means extra hours without extra payment but since the parents are being so calculative about this, I think I'm not going to be so benevolent anymore. I think it is only fair. If they would to ask their children, I'm sure they will tell them I'm not doing a bad job at all. In fact, they are way ahead of their schools now and can grasp the subjects quite well. I'm really thinking of slowing it all down which will only impede on their children's progress. To be fair, I've been thinking of slowing things down a few notches but I guess my hand's been forced now.

If you want to be calculative, I can be more calculative! Come on man, the least you could have done to reward me was give me that one week off! Is that too much to ask?!?


  1. awww...
    they're pathetic,no?
    as u said, i think u've been too nice to them...maybe u should just stick to the allocated time. don't let them take advantage of u my dear.

    take a deep breath...

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  3. what comes around, goes around...

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