Thursday, January 05, 2006

RM7,250 A Day

If you were offered RM7,250 a day, would you take the job? I believe anyone in their right mind would since it's a whopping RM200,000 a month! Now, add that amount with other incentives, allowances and bonuses...only a very small fraction of the world population will ever not want to take up the job. Even if there were no allowances or bonuses involved, it's still a very lucrative amount.

Chris Andrews, the Malaysia Airlines (MAS) consultant that is reported to earn RM7,250 a day has resigned. Can you believe the amount MAS is paying this guy? RM7,250 a day...not a week, not a month....A DAY! If anyone wants to find the reasons for the current predicament Malaysia Airlines (MAS) is in, this is one good example. I don't know what kind of consultation he's doing for Malaysia Airlines but I bet he's not unhappy with what he's been paid! What advice does he offer that cost RM7,250 a day? Advices that make Malaysia Airlines so heavily in debt now? Advices such as the purchase of three paintings worth RM1.55 million when they are already facing financial problems? It is interesting to note that Mr. Andrews was formerly attached to Air New Zealand which went bankrupt in 2002.

I believe it can only be a good thing that Mr. Andrews has now left MAS and relieved them from having to cough up RM7,250 everyday for his services. For the national airlines to turn its ship around, the management needs to take some tough and aggressive cost-cutting measures. I do hope MAS does not follow in the footsteps of Air New Zealand after receiving the 'magic touch' from Mr. Andrews. For context, read this and this.

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