Monday, January 16, 2006

Au Revoir Helmet

Since coming back to Penang a few years back, I don't think I remember a time when I put on the helmet that I used during my undergraduates days where my friends will bring me around on their motorcycles. Today, however I bid my helmet farewell as I've 'loaned' it to someone that I'm not quite sure if he will return it to me or not. You see, I'm still quite attached to the helmet and it brings back some memories, good or bad.

True, that it has been collecting dust for awhile now although I've kept it as clean as possible while storing it somewhere but recently, I decided to bring it out from isolation and put it in my lab in case I might need to use it. You see, the walking to and fro the Aquaculture Centre has taken its toll on me, so I would gladly hitch a ride on any motorcycles if the opportunity presents itself. Unfortunately, not even once did I manage to use my helmet in campus.

I was quite hesitant in parting with my helmet but I guess it's for a good cause. I'm helping a friend out so I do hope he appreciates it but I'm not telling what's it for although it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out! :P Although it has quite a few scratches but I guess that's what gives the helmet character, no? It's a sporty black helmet that has a visor (razor for some but I seriously don't understand why they would call the visor a razor).

I didn't exactly get to say my goodbyes to my helmet. He just came to collect it and zoomed away into the sunset (figuratively speaking) and my helmet was gone. I didn't even get to wear it one last time! It might sound real silly but it's true. I'm somehow that attached to the helmet that I've asked for it to be returned when he was done using it eventhough I'll probably not need it anymore. It's just one of those things that you can't explain. I've learnt through the years to part with my stuff more easily but this has proven to be quite difficult, I do not know why.

I don't know if I will see my helmet again but I really do hope my friend will grant me my wish to at least let me wear it one last time and take me on a joyride just for old times' sake. *sniff*


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  2. hahaha...thanks, but it's ok la...i'm sure there will be ppl out there that will find the relevant ads useful and click on them... :)