Sunday, January 15, 2006

Webcam Karaoke

It seems like it's such a fad nowadays. Internet users have found a new route to fame and glory. karaoke!!!

OK, I admit that I do sometimes lip-sync to the music I listen to either in front of the computer, in the car, in the shower or some other place but it's always when I'm alone or with people I'm comfortable with (which means usually alone la)....NEVER in front of my webcam, not when it's on, not when it's transmitting those humiliating scenes to the whole wide world!

However, some people just love the attention and they have achieved fame and glory after successfully going through the shame barrier that is stopping everyone else from doing the same. The most famous of all has to be Gary Brolsma doing the Numa-numa. Since the release of his performance, there has been so many variations and probably the next most famous version of the Numa-numa dance is this one by some students in Malaysia. The Numa-numa dance has caught so much attention that it is even featured in Chicken Little! Although I've not watched the movie, I've been told by many it is indeed in the animated movie. It's even thought to be the theme song! Hmmm....look what I dug up! :P I was actually promised a version by a certain group of people but till today, it has not seen the day of light! *ahem* ;)

The next most popular act has got to be The Dormitory Boys - two Chinese guys that perform right in their dormitory to the tunes of Backstreet Boys hits and other popular songs. Their facial expressions are seriously funny. Their best performance has got to be BSB's I Want It That Way. Hmmm...I wonder what does BSB have to say about this rendition of their music video. :P They are really damn lawak (funny) and you can just lift your day by watching them lip-sync your favourite tune. Their motto is after all "Life is short, make fools of yourselves while you can!"

I wonder...who will be the next Webcam Karaoke Idol? :P

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