Thursday, January 26, 2006

Sickly Thin

I was just going through some photos taken recently with my labmates during a makan session. I had wanted to upload it to Flickr and probably change my profile picture too but I've decided otherwise now. I look so damn sickly thin!

I weighted myself the other day using the scale used for the lab class I teach and I was shocked that I've actually lost that much weight! 57kg?!? That's new! I guess it's about time I pile on the weight again to achieve that 'meaty' look that so many people seems to like. I don't mind that meaty look at all. The only problem is, the meaty look comes together with a big belly and I so hate having a big belly!

I guess the only way for me to gain that meaty look without the big belly is to work out. But the thing is, do I have the luxury of time to work out? Whatever it is, I've to start growing some meat...FAST!


  1. why don't u formulate some special pellet diet for yourself? add lots of lipid....then can become fat fat...

    hahaha...maybe i should try some myself..!

  2. u got it all wrong...i need protein not fat!