Friday, January 13, 2006

Bad Luck Comes In Threes

There's this saying that bad luck comes in threes. Truthfully, I've not heard of it until just recently when I was personally struck with some setbacks of my own, all within a 12 hour timeframe. I'm not exactly the superstitious type but I was really amazed at how 'accurate' it was.

I was explaining to a friend of mine concerning one of the setbacks (#2 to be exact) and how unfortunate I was to be strucked with another setback so soon after such a major one. She suddenly popped the question, "So, what's the third?". I was dumbfounded that she actually knew there was a third (setback #1)! I pressed her to tell me all about her amazing psychic skills only to be disappointed by the revelation that she believed bad luck always come in threes. What a letdown! Here I was thinking I had a friend who had a future with crystal balls. :P

So, do I believe in this saying? I dunno but I think it may have some substance after all. Ever since the third setback, everything has been going well for me. I mean, I've had my share of misfortune already, right? It's only fair that fortune start streaming back to me, no? Looks like that's the case now. :)

Today is Friday the 13th, a day many regard as unlucky or bad. Since I've already gone through my share of misfortunes earlier than expected, I suppose I've nothing to fear (not like I've ever put special attention on this day or anything). So, are you a friggatriskaidekaphobiac?


  1. really only come in threes? why my share of bad luck has never stopped at #3? i believe it's 10 056.32 times or something like that... :(

  2. cos leh....yours went into the next cycle liao....the next cycle of 3's... :P

  3. ooOOoo...
    that's not good...

    anyway of breaking the cycle? or am i doomed for life...? :(