Wednesday, July 13, 2005

24: Day Three

Season 3 of 24 takes off from where Season 2 finished. After the assasination attempt on President Palmer about three years back, he is returning to LA where the attack on his life occured, for a Presidential debate. Like the previous seasons of 24, a terrorist attack is about to take place in LA. My question now, why all the time LA? It's getting a bit silly. This time it's a biological attack and should be very interesting. In my opinion, it can be worse than a nuclear attack as it is more difficult to contain and can cause mass hysteria. The first six episodes were interesting as the time factor was always crucial. The next six however was just awful and was such a drag. After finding out the US is not under any immediate threat for the time-being, everything slowed down and the time factor disappeared. It was no longer important. During the second half of the series, it (fortunately) became much more interesting as the plot twists and time factor came into play.

Well, needless to say, the threat was ended in the frame of 24 hours after it was discovered. Hmmm, I know it's the show but why always these major threats are avoided in the 24th hour? Coincidence?!? It's just getting too predictable. Fortunately, they were not totally successful in averting the threat. At least there was some reality in having a successful attack this time around and from then onwards, it became more interesting. A few questions though, what happened to the drug addiction? Jack was so troubled by it in the first 12 episodes and suddenly, it all went away and he started to become the superhero again. Also, why the breakdown in the end? What's the idea with that? Thank god, they killed Nina Myers. It was becoming as if the 24 series was all about her with her playing a pivotal role every season. Also, the death of Sherry Palmer was such a relief. The President was so naive in always being used by her. I think he took the right step in not seeking reelection. With so many things happening to the characters and the storylines, I could have been mistaken that they wanted to stop production of 24, if I had not known there is already a Season 4 and Season 5 is coming along in January 2006. Comparatively, I enjoyed Season 2 more but there were some new interesting plots this season that made it interesting and not a total flop. I'm going to take a long break now before indulging myself further with Season 4. Till the next 24 marathon....

(picture from Fox)

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