Sunday, July 03, 2005

Myvi in the Flesh

Well, maybe metal is more appropriate compared to flesh! Finally, I went to a Perodua showroom to see the highly successful Myvi and I wasn't disappointed at all with what I saw. I was just so close to placing an order at that very moment! Oh wait...I forgot I don't have a disposable income yet. Guess I've to wait for awhile more before I can even come up with the downpayment! :p I was actually accompanying my aunt (along with her kids and my mom) who is considering buying the car to replace her old faulty car. Where do I start? The exterior is very classy and nice. Boot space not really very small, neither is it large...just acceptable. The seats are very, very roomy! Claims that the interior is larger than Proton Wira is actually very true. It's also very nicely designed, interior and exterior. Ahh...I love everything about the car!!! Well, almost everything. The large panel at the centre of the dashboard is kinda ugly but I can deal with it. It's not entirely ugly, just not pleasant to the eyes but my eyes can adapt. :) I'm dreaming of Myvi tonight!


  1. oi! i thought u said myvi brings u bad luck...?

  2. I've got over that already...I have to! I can't be driving a car that I believe is bad luck, right? :P