Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Missed Call

A few days back, I left my phone at home while it was charging and usually when I charge my phone, I do not switch it on. The next morning, I received this SMS from Maxis:
04/07/05 01:17
You have 1 missed call
+6043****** (1)
since 19:16 03JUL05
I was like, huh?!? Since when do they provide missed call reports when you can't be reached? I presume the number in the parentheses is suppose to denote the number of missed calls from that phone number? Well, I definitely didn't know who called because I don't recognise the phone number so I didn't bother. Maybe I will do some investigating myself by calling my phone when it is switched off. Hmmm...will I be charged for that?!? :P

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