Friday, July 15, 2005


My mom's friend and former colleague dropped-in unexpectedly this evening. She's back from US for a short holiday and they have not met for a long, long time. She also happens to be my former tuition teacher during my primary school years. I can't recall what were the subjects she taught me at that time but I know English is definitely one of them. I must give credit to these two wonderful ladies for my English proficiency.

I guess she is a gifted educator. She was a tutor to many people when she was residing in Penang, although she was holding a daytime job, and she managed to shape them for the future, not just academically but also their personality. When she migrated to the US and finally settled down, she became a teacher and later an administrator, while working at Wal-Mart. I guess she's used to filling up her spare time working.

It was raining outside and it was getting heavier and heavier. We decided to have dinner somewhere outside and my mum suggested Amandari along Kelawei Road. They serve Malay cuisine and we ordered prawns, gado-gado, kailan and squid (all spicy because she loved spicy food...apparently, she has been eating Asam Laksa everyday since her return to Penang). The food was good, the price was even better! :P Well, actually it wasn't really expensive considering the atmosphere and the quality of the food. Maybe just a slight premium at most.

After all that, my mum and I went to the hospital to check on my paternal grandmother who went for surgery at 5pm. When we reached the OT waiting area, she was still undergoing surgery and a group of relatives were keeping vigil there. Well, to cut a long story short, she came out from surgery at around 11pm. By then, most of the relatives had gone home and the few of us left took turns to see her in the ICU where she was recovering after the surgery. Her condition will be monitored and she will most likely be transferred to her ward tomorrow. Well, she's a strong woman so, there's nothing to worry. She even commented that she wasn't the slightest worried about the surgery. Well, one phase has now passed...bring on the next.

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