Sunday, July 03, 2005

MSN Messenger Sucks

Come to think of it, when hasn't it? For as long as I can remember, it has always been a disappointing IM, at least to me. I had no choice but to install MSN Messenger (which I've avoided like the plague, so far) because everyone else in the conference I'm part of tonight were already using it. The interface is so messy and the dysfunctional! I'm definitely going back to Yahoo! Messenger after this and uninstall MSN Messenger from my system, FOR GOOD!!!


  1. "The interface is so messy and the dysfunctional!"

    Out of curiosity, what functions do you find dysfunctional?

    Thanks for the feedback :)

  2. I see that you are part of the MSN Messenger development team and I've probably hurt your ego by criticising your product. I'm sorry if I've been overly critical of MSN Messenger. :P

    Of course MSN Messenger has its own advantages too such as the configurable emoticons and easy to change nick/name.

    Just a few grouses:-

    1) the whiteboard should be accesible to the conference also, when discussing things, a whiteboard would come in very handy in a multiuser conference

    2) should enable sending files to all those in conference instead of having to send it to each and everyone individually

    3) in the message window, the message is better (neater and easier to read/differentiate) if next to the name instead of under it, which is an extra line that we don't need

    4) there's also the stealh abilities, I would like to manage who is able to see my online presence and not get swamped by the rest just because I wanted to speak to one particular person only

    5) allowing to leave offline messages to my contacts is simpler than having to email them when they are offline

    6) I would like to choose my own status instead of the fixed statuses provided, I would like to tell my contacts that I am having DINNER and not just stuck with LUNCH

    7) more font colours please! I can't differentiate between my conference members with such limited colours!

    8) better voice capabilities...if possible

    9) make sharing photos and being able to discuss them easier

    10) keep ads away from the messenger or at least keep it subtle!

    Well, I'll just leave it at ten. I'm not too fond of some functions in Yahoo! Messenger too but they are more tolerable and of course, I'm still hoping for a Google IM! ;)