Friday, July 08, 2005

Madagascar and Other Movies

Recently, I managed to watch a few movies through DVD and where else, my torrents! I watched Madagascar through DVD and surprisingly, it was in DVD quality so soon after the screening of the movie! I guess it's from Greece or somewhere like that and the only down point was that some of the titles such as New York Zoo or something like that was in Greek (or something). I've to agree with my friend that the show was such a let-down and they are actually promoting this movie as from the makers of Shrek? Shrek is so much better! Don't spoil Shrek with such association! Well, I did laugh maybe once or twice throughout the show without thinking that the jokes were just plain lame. Well, I have to give it credit for helping me kill time instead of watching paint dry or milk curdle. :P

One movie (or documentary) I watched was The End of Suburbia which sort of freaked me out. That documentary was recommended to me when the oil prices peaked to its highest ever level recently. For those who have questioned me recently for walking (or more of not using my car much), you can actually read up about the concept of Peak Oil.

Two movies I watched most recently (although they are pretty old) are Eurotrip and Roadtrip. Well, actually I've caught glimpses of them before but didn't manage to watch the whole movie so I decided to do that now. It's good laugh though.

Well, I'll have seasons 2 and 3 of 24 soon so hopefully that will help me get my mind of the horrible events that transpired in London yesterday.

(picture from theZreview)


  1. yeah...madagascar was really bad!...but i still get some people who say that they like it...

  2. I think the only part in the show that I enjoyed was the "I LIKE TO MOVE IT...MOVE IT!"... :)