Monday, July 11, 2005

Work of Terrorists?!?

Did the terrorists launch an attack on Malaysia? Is this the work of extremists? Are we under attack?!? Try careless, human error.
Nine Bangladeshi construction workers were injured when eight girders of a flyover of the NKVE-Jalan Meru Link near Bukit Raja collapsed. The girders, forming a 10m stretch, collapsed at 1.40pm onto the NKVE (New Klang Valley Expressway) below, bringing down 17 workers who were working on it. The 'efficient and flawless' Works Minister responds by telling the relevant authorities to prepare a report. How predicatable of him. It seems that the chair he is sitting on is getting too comfortable now after having him sit on it for over two decades, leaving a horrible impression of his incompetency. Please leave so Malaysia can progress better without you holding it back all the time. Malaysians deserve a better Works Minister. Malaysians deserve a progressive and safe nation to live in that a competent Works Minister will provide instead of just lame excuses all the time. It's time to go....

(picture from The Star)

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