Sunday, July 17, 2005

New Faces of Samsung

I received an email from Samsung concerning a 'modeling' contest. They are looking for the 10 new faces of Samsung and they are inviting interested parties to submit their best photos to be shortlisted. Shortlisted candidates will then be requested to attend the audition at Berjaya Times Square later this month. If chosen, you will appear in their future advertisements or marketing materials. Needless to say, this is a great first step to becoming a star. ;) What's more, you will also be rewarded with a brand new SGH-E530C mobile phone in the colour of your choice!

Actually, I'm more interested in the money they will offer for the contract since I'm kinda broke and the situation will be getting worse soon. :P Hmmm, should I just try submitting for the fun of it and see how (ahem) attractive and photogenic (*blush*) I am and risk being criticised at the same time? I'm still thinking over it. only concern would only be the comments they make when they receive my submission.
"Huh? This kind of face also dare to submit ah? tak tahu malu ah? Ptui! Not even qualified to use as toilet paper ah!" :P


  1. why don't u give it a shot...? remember what we discussed earlier..? boone.
    need an agent? call me :)

  2. Hahaha...I think Boone would be a little far-fetched at the moment... :P

  3. i thought u were working on it no?

  4. It would take a lot of effort and a lot of time to reach that level! :P

  5. i receive it too & just give it a try. Then i have been shortlisted to participate in the audition on 30July! But, i just confused... I dont know it is real or not... And KL is far from Johor...

  6. Good for you. I didn't participate because I would be in Singapore at that time. :P

    Didn't think possible for me to be shortlisted either. LOL! ;)