Friday, July 01, 2005

maxis3G - A New Vision

maxis, the largest mobile service provider in Malaysia launches its 3G services today, dubbed maxis3G. This will be the second 3G service in Malaysia after Celcom launched their own 3G services on World Telecommunications Day back in May. 3G is the next generation of mobile technology that lets you see life like never before on your mobile phone. Talk face-to-face with your loved ones via video calls and enjoy a wide variety of exciting 24x7 video services. At mobile broadband speed, 3G is six times faster than GPRS and three times faster than EDGE. Among the highlights of maxis3G are the ability to view your home surveillance from anywhere on your phone, the only 3G service available for prepaid users and free video packages for a month on all live TV and video streaming content from, CNN, CNBC, Astro news, Cartoon Network and more.

maxis has yet to announce their pricing for their services but details on some promotions have been released such as monthly airtime rebates when you get 3G mobile devices from certified maxis 3G dealers, and video calls will be offered at half-price up to 30th June 2006, which will only cost as much as your current voice call charges! That will kick Celcom to the curb!

As much as I'm interested to be wired wherever I go, the prices are still exorbitant for my liking. Until the prices of both the service charges and mobile devices drop, I'm not going anywhere near this technology yet. Unless of course I receive a financial windfall all of a sudden. Any benefactors? ;)

UPDATE: The reason I couldn't find the service charges is because there is none! You are only charged for the content you have accessed on per subscription or per download. There are no additional data usage (transmission) charges for this content. All you need to do to migrate to maxis3G is to purchase a 3G handset and upgrade your simcard for only RM25! The only problem is, coverage is only available in the Klang Valley at the moment. Coverage in Penang and Johor is expected to be available by the end of the year.


  1. how about our kind friend dahvid? any of his money coming your way...?? ;)

  2. Unfortunately, no news from him. From the looks of it, he is facing some financial problems of his own too! :P