Thursday, July 21, 2005

I Think She's Dead

Dropping by at the ornamental fish shop to check on the status of my lab's fishing nets was actually a blessing in disguise. I guess I can count myself fortunate that the shop was open (everytime I passed the shop for the past two weeks, it was always closed) and I was able to stop my journey to campus for a couple of minutes. If I had not spent that two minutes or so at the shop, I might have been involved in an accident or probably witnessed it first hand.

I knew something was wrong when I heard motorbikes after motorbikes speeding along Yeap Chor Ee Road and there was a jam (where usually there wouldn't be one) just after the school and before going up the hill. They happen to be runners. The thing about these runners is they can be so helpful at helping call for assistance (police/ambulance/tow truck/etc.) and helping out in the situation (be it directing traffic, keeping by-standers at bay or helping the injured) but the problem is, they make a living off (read: profit from) people's distress. If you do not get involved in a traffic accident, they won't be able to make a living! Also, they ride their motorbikes so haphazardly just to reach the scene of the accident on time (before the arrival of rival runners), they could actually cause another (fatal) accident!

As I passed the scene of the accident, I could see that it involved a Naza Citra/Kia Carens, coming out from the housing estate, and a motorcyclist who was carrying a pillion rider. The first image I saw was the son drenched in blood but was conscious and able to sit-up, probably still in shock. As I moved on, I saw a motionless lady surrounded by a pool of blood. My first thought was she is most likely dead. As much as I don't want that to be true, I think it could turn out to be so. It did cross my mind to stop and offer my first aid knowledge but seeing that so many people were already around and a police car was just arriving, it would be best for me to not stand in their way. I believe the housing estate is Desa Mutiara II and the entrance/exit to the housing estate is a very dangerous area and I've seen a few traffic accidents at that spot before. I believe the pillion rider (I assume he is the son) was oblivious of the condition of her mother and truly, I fear the worst. The closest hospital is Lam Wah Ee but I think it might have been too late. Did I mention that everyone was driving significantly slower than they would normally, after passing-by the scene of the accident?

I also saw another accident on my way home at night but this time it involved two cars. Although the front end of one of the cars was severely damaged, I trust that no one was injured in this accident. Occasionally, we receive a few reminders from these incidents and two of the shock reminders I received today are 1) one of the reasons I drive a car instead of riding a motorcycle is because of the danger to motorcyclists on the roads nowadays especially when involved in traffic accidents, and 2) life is so fragile. I truly hope I was wrong about the woman and that she will have a full and speedy recovery. I pray for the boy and his family.

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