Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Year's Eve Dinner

As usual, my aunt will get a few free tickets for some New Year's Eve dinner at one of the hotels in Penang and this year was at Sunway Hotel (Georgetown).

It wasn't exactly a pleasant evening but it wasn't such a horrible evening either. It didn't start off well though. Firstly, there wasn't enough parking and the worst part is, they didn't stop cars from entering when there's no more parking space. I only discovered this when I went all the way up (at least six floors if not mistaken) to find every single parking spot taken. I had to drive all the way down again but fortunately, I was driving my SLK so I managed to squeeze into one tight spot at the lowest floor. ;)

After we were shown our seats, we were promptly informed by the manager that dinner was served and invited us to the buffet line. Now, this is the interesting part. We were one of the first few at the buffet line but the food was not piping hot. Instead, it was really cold. WTF? To make things even worse, the water they served was warm instead of iced cold water! They got it all mixed up! It should be the other way around! I mean warm water is good for the digestion and all but you should be serving warm food and cold drinks, no? I mean the buffet is not cheap at RM75 per pax, so it's not wrong if we expected something more, right? Of course it's one of the cheapest that you can find for a New Year's Eve dinner at a hotel but this is just plain silly.

The waiters were not very good either. They just didn't know how to wait on you. Even I could do a better job although I've not received the necessary training before. All you need actually is some plain common sense sometimes but it's obvious they are not equipped with the most basic of skills to accomplish the task at hand.

All of us just had one plate of food because it was quite filling but mainly due to the food being nothing special, not that tasty after all and it was served cold. I hardly had any dessert either. The music was not only loud but horrendous! The least they could do was get some good and qualified professional singers, no? Although the celebrations will last all the way to midnight, most of the times we will leave very much earlier like 9pm. It was no different this time as we waited for the first round of lucky draws before we left. As for the lucky draw, we were just off by one ticket. What luck! To compound all the misery, I had to pay RM3.50 for parking when I had to squeeze into some place which is not even a parking lot in the first place.

Well, it wasn't exactly such a memorable dinner but I suppose we can't complain much since it's free. I'm just hoping I don't get an upset tummy tomorrow morning but I guess nothing can be worse than the gut-churning lecture I received from an 'old-auntie-wannabe' for me sending such a 'gloomy' New Year's SMS greeting. Have a sense of humour, dear.... :P

Happy New Year to one and all! May 2006 be a kinder year to you than 2005.

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  1. happy new year!
    may the year be everything u hope it to be and more :)
    god bless!