Friday, August 12, 2005

24: Day Four

Another marathon ends and time for my 'round-up' of events. :P

This has got to be the best season of 24! The United States of America was outfoxed time and again by the most dangerous and successful terrorist, so far. This man is the ultimate mastermind and if there is ever such a person, the US is seriously doomed. As usual, the season is somehow related to the previous seasons and is most related to Season 2. No surprise though since Season 2 was my choice for the best 24 series before Season 4. For the first time, Jack's daughter Kim is not involved in anyway. No appearance from her this time. Although President Palmer is no longer the US President, he did make an appearance in the last few episodes when he was called in to assist the lame-duck Vice-President who was appointed the new president after President Keeler was incapacitated after the attack on Air Force One.

First, there was the train attack. Then the abduction of the Secretary of Defence. Then the online trial of the Secretary on war crimes against humanity just to divert attention away from their aim to take over all the nuclear power plants on US soil. Then the meltdown of nuclear power plants all over US. There's also the stealing of a stealth fighter jet and the attack on Air Force One. After that, the nuclear football was stolen followed by a nuclear warhead. And finally, the launch of a cruise missle capable of carrying a nuclear payload. Target? Los Angeles again. What does the terrorists have against the City of Angels? Why not Washington or New York? Why Los Angeles? Why the obsession on that city?!? However, it's still the most complex and comprehensive terrorist attack on the United States. Good job! (I mean, well done for the planning la...not the ideology...killing innocents bad...aggression bad!!!).

I don't want to comment too much about this season but it's definitely the best so far and I do have lots to comment about....both good and bad. The show's getting a little predictable though but I guess that's to be expected when you are in your fourth successful season. It should be a really interesting season come January 2006. It would have to address the issue of Jack's 'death', the lame-duck President, Kim's life after his father's 'death', the pressure from China for the unresolved intrusion into the Chinese Consulate, the planned retirement of Tony and Michelle, and some other issues. The most intriguing would be those involving the death of Jack Bauer, rogue agent! Can't wait for the next season!!!

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