Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Mighty Mouse...Apple Style

'Here I come to save the day....' Still remember that superheroic rodent shouting that phrase? Yup, it's that cartoon and comic character that has entertained us once before that is pictured on the left (taken from However, today I'm not referring to that mouse. I'm talking about Apple's new mouse (yes, the pointing device for computers), the Mighty Mouse. Is Apple trying to save the day for Macheads by offering them for the first time a mouse with more than one button? But wait a's more like no buttons to me!

Well, like other Apple models, you press down on the entire mouse to click. But if you press on left side, you get a left click; if you click on the right side, you get a right click. Mighty Mouse also has touch-sensitive 360-degree scrolling (you can run a finger around on the upper part of the mouse's surface). It's a corded model that costs USD49 and it's from Apple, so the aesthetics look to be impeccable.

(picture from Apple)


  1. sounds like a cool device...

  2. Yup, it looks cool, sounds cool and I bet it will feel cool too! :)