Thursday, August 11, 2005

What Could Have Been.....

Don't worry. It's not as bad as the title suggests it to be but I just can't stop wondering what it could have been if I've trusted my instincts. Flashback to the blog entry I made a few weeks back concerning an email invite I received. The results are out and I'm just so gutted. Looking at the winning entries, especially the male category, I just can't stop feeling that I would have stood a much better chance compared to them! If they are THE selected new faces of Samsung, I believe I could have been among the winners too if I've participated (judging from the compliments I always receive :P). Man, a brand new SGH-E530C and a (modelling/photoshoot) contract (as long as $$$ is involved :P) just slipped through my fingers!!! Not to mention my face flashed on Samsung ads nationwide (I feel my head getting bigger and bigger now...hehehehe). Sigh, the money would have been useful for me and the phone could have been a good gift to my mom who has been kinda hinting about her 'old phone'. I guess I can take solace in knowing I was travelling back from Singapore at that time and would probably not be able to participate in the photoshoot in KL anyway. Oh, well....there goes my chance at stardom.... :P

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