Sunday, August 07, 2005

PC Fair Bargains

I was actually hoping to grab some stuff from the PC Fair today, that's the reason why I refrained from blogging about my visit to the Fair yesterday until after the visit today. My mom wanted to get a thumbdrive and also loads of CD-R which we've run out but unfortunately, we were just too busy and unable to do make that last minute dash and grab.

Either computer parts are real bargains (read: super cheap), people are getting more tech-savvy, people have a higher spending power, or people are just too free nowadays. It was just jam-packed at the Fair and it was so difficult to find a parking space. There were so many bodies bumping into each other in the exhibition hall, it was just such a farce. Fortunately, I have a certain preference to certain shops/booths so I just browsed through the other booths (which I usually wouldn't find real bargains). I would like to highlight some stuff that caught my eye:
[Mobile HDD + Case] RM259 + RM32 = RM291
[256MB Thumbdrive] RM69
[512MB PC3200 DDR400] RM185
[ADSL Ethernet Modem] RM129
[USB Mini IRDA Wireless Adapter] RM37
[12" iBook G4] RM3999
Man....some of these stuff are so dirt cheap! For a portable storage device, I'm looking at the mobile HDD option instead of the thumbdrive which I just don't trust. It's kinda cheap compared to just a few months ago! Yeah, I still don't have a thumbdrive, so sue me! I feel like upping my RAM to 1GB now since it's so cheap but I'm hanging on for it to drop to RM150 at the very least. The ADSL modem is for my aunt. She opted for the Package88 by Streamyx which comes with a free modem. My usage being more than 1000x of hers and I'm just on the Package66 (and the ADSL modem is so damn cheap now!), I think it's such a waste. :P

IRDA adapter? Well, that's for my handphone but if I get a notebook, it would probably have one already, so should I get one now and turn it into a useless paper-weight later on? Hmmm...I wonder. Now to the ultimate 'prize'! Apple's 12" iBook G4 ~drool~. I've always been searching for a sub-RM4000 laptop and this definitely fits my requirements very well, plus it's Apple! Oh, the aesthetic looks...the cool Mac OS X, it's heavenly! Unfortunately (fortunately?), I'm dead broke so I couldn't get my hands on this 'prize'. Maybe it would be wiser to 1) wait for the iBook fitted with an Intel processor, and 2) get a job first! :P

Sigh....there goes my dream to own an iBook. :(

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  1. Hey, I share the same opinion on thumbdrives. That's the reason I bought the 2.5" 40GB portable Samsung HD. =)

  2. I guess more and more are learning to use portable harddisks's a good thing actually.