Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Care for a Voice Chat?

I've just installed the new Yahoo! Messenger with Voice and dumped both MSN Messenger and Skype in one full swoop. I've always wanted to get rid of MSN Messenger ever since I was forced to use it just so I could meet and discuss about the project with those who were involved. Now that the project is over and Yahoo! has come out with a much improved long, MSN!!! I was damn pissed that Google didn't come out with their own IM fast enough. Y! Messenger now incorporates so many functions that were speculated to be in the Google IM that all the thunder has probably been stolen already unless Google still has other things up their sleeves.

I like Skype but due to me having just a small contact list (who are also on Y! Messenger) and recently, more and more unknown people are sending requests to be added on my contact list although I've requested anonymity, I guess I have to say goodbye to that too. Unless....unless Y! Messenger doesn't support multiple users conference calls! I've not tried that feature yet but Skype (and Google IM) might still have a chance after all! There's a whole load of new features and you can read all about it on their webpage. If you've not upgraded, it's time you did. Well, I'll be enjoying Y! Messenger until my wish for a Google IM comes true. Please...please make it soon! ;)

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