Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Our nation celebrates its 48th year of independence today. It seems a little bland this year as if it's just another holiday, nothing special to suggest it is the anniversary of the formation of our nation but can we blame Malaysians for not feeling very patriotic about it?

What does 'merdeka' or freedom mean to you? Are we any closer to acheiving a Bangsa Malaysia or Rakyat Malaysia or a Malaysian Malaysia? We are still identified through our ethnicity in this country as much as we want to be just called Malaysians. We were born to this sovereign state in the same circumstances but treated on different terms. We were born after the independence of the Federated States of Malaya and the formation of Malaysia but we are still not considered equal citizens and do not share the same privileges. Read what Wikipedia have to say about the definition of bumiputera. In actual fact, we are now farther than we were from the very beginning. It seems as if non-bumiputeras have slowly come to accept this divisive policy. We talk about the external threats of neocolonism but the threat of oppression from within is staring right in our face. On the anniversary of our nation's independence, it is a time of reflection.

Today is regarded both as our National Day and our Independence Day. However, that is only half true. In actual fact, today should be celebrated as our Independence Day or Merdeka Day only, as it is correctly referred to. However, our National Day or also known as Malaysian Day should be celebrated on the 16th of September, the day Malaysia was formed back in 1963, a date many Malaysians do not bother to remember. If it all sounds complicated, it is.

I had wanted to play Sudirman's rendition of 31 Ogos to commemorate this day but I felt that lively tune would be really inapproapriate now that we should seriously think where our nation is heading to. So, I chose Negaraku instead to keep that patriotic fire in us and hopes for a better future alive and strong.

Selamat Hari Merdeka to all Malaysians!


  1. oi!!

    i thought i was hearing things...

    suddenly got NEGARAKU...terkejut....

  2. It was quite soothing for me really... :)

  3. Ha ha first time visit your site have to 'kia tit tit'..

  4. Hahahaha....sorry for that. Doesn't it make you feel a little more patriotic? :P