Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Moving Day

My labmates and I, along with the help of some lab assistants, toiled throughout the day to move our equipment and facilities from the old Fish House (where we run our feeding trials and make our feeds) to the new Aquaculture Centre. Someone must have stepped on some important toes as we have been virtually banished to a dark, secluded corner of USM! I'm actually too tired to write about it as I have a few injuries on my body and my muscles are aching like mad so I'll just keep it simple. :P

We were expecting at least to move everything today but since we started late and also the lab assistants were not willing to work beyond office hours (they came up with the reason that they were too tired to continue.....at 4.30pm....*roll eyes*), we had to find another day next week to continue moving the rest of the stuff. I did bring along my camera but didn't dare bring it out to snap a few photos and risk a tongue-lashing from my boss - "So free ah....can take pictures...want more work?" - so no pictures. I was surprised that he was sort of nice to me too and was not so warm with another student (that's a story for another day).

Well, we're quite close to being able to start work (hopefully within the next two months!) so I'm quite happy and relieved about the whole situation. It really bugged me for awhile that I couldn't do anything but just sit on my sorry ass until we complete the move to the new facilities. The thought that we could start work soon really motivated us to work through the pain barrier and get the job done as soon as possible. Well, as usual I have to do the shopping and marketing. So while others are already freshening up and taking a rest (or even having a nice warm dinner), I'm at Tesco getting supplies for the lab with my dirty clothes and all (well, the good thing is, none of the promoters dared to offer me any of their products while I was dressed so shabbily). Worse still, so that I could have a good rest on Merdeka Day, I went back to USM to settle some stuff later in the night! What a day indeed....

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the lab assistants for their help today although we didn't exactly achieve all our objectives. Well, till next week and another tiring day.....

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