Tuesday, August 16, 2005

She's Safe

Once again, I scare myself with how accurate my instincts can be. The SMS about a girl that urgently needed O-negative blood turns out to be really true. The hospital was able to source enough blood for her procedure and she's now safe and recovering from surgery. Her mother, who is a nurse, sought help from two Chinese dailies to highlight her daughter's plight and need for the scarce blood type after learning that her daughter needed surgery to remove a benign tumour in her heart. Some good samaritan(s) who thought that spreading the word through SMS could get the message through faster turned into a slight farce when her mother received constant messages and calls conveying their concern and verifying the message. There were a few 'mistakes' though in the SMS. Yau Jia Xin is nine years of age but was described as a four year old child in the SMS. The hospital she was residing in was Lam Wah Ee but it was called Nam Hwa Yi in the message. Anyhow, glad to know she's safe.

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