Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Google Talk

When Google talks, everyone listens and Google is talking loud and clear this time around. Google has just released (about a few minutes ago) their new communications tool, Google Talk - their very own instant messaging client that allows you to chat, email and make quality calls to your friends on Google Talk. It's only 900k in size so downloading the installer is fast. Installing it is simple too and it will prompt you to uninstall Gmail Notifier since Google Talk has that incorporated already. You need to login using your Gmail username and password. Once you are in, you will be greeted with a minimalistic design. The clean, neat and simple interface will surely appeal to many. It doesn't support file transfer and those other functions found in other IM clients at the moment but knowing Google, they will add more functions to this baby in the future. Let's not forget, this is still in BETA! (hmmm...what isn't?!?) The auto-update function ensures you have the latest stuff offered by Google. Anymore reason for me to keep Skype on my system? Nope! Bye-bye Skype! Let's see if I can say the same for Yahoo! Messenger in the near future! :)

(picture from Google)


  1. microsoft windows is beta v3023.378201.... and still upgrading! nyek nyek

  2. Haiz....I can't wait to earn enough money to buy an iBook. Windows is just so much headache.

  3. hey...i've downloaded the 'talk'...
    u are the only doink on my list so far..
    guess i'll have to wait for the rest of my friends to join in soon :)

  4. at least i have more 'doinks' in my list.... :P