Thursday, August 25, 2005

Beware File Swappers!

Antipiracy watchdog Business Software Alliance and the Motion Picture Association have joined Recording Industry Association of Malaysia (RIM) in urging the Government to set up a special unit to surf the Internet for local websites distributing illegal copies of movies, music and software. The unit could comprise Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry officers and would deal solely with online piracy.

RIM also warned home PC users who illegally share MP3 songs to beware. If the association gets its way, the police will be knocking on the doors of these filesharers. RIM intends to lobby the Government to act against all illegal filesharing activities and not just those that profit from such swaps. Should you be clearing your hard drive now? :P


  1. 'urge'? haha...means nochet do la.

    i dun haf net access @ home. nyek nyek. so i no need sked.

  2. why u no haf net at home?
    wei, my frens saw the pix u took and said u are v talented.
    pls haa...don't kembang in your kepala...!

  3. oh dear...I can feel it growing! HEELLLPPPP!!!!