Thursday, September 01, 2005

1½ feet ≠ 1.5 feet

What's the difference between one and a half (1½) feet and one-point-five (1.5) feet? As far as I know - NONE! However, the person working at the hardware store where I purchased some metal chains from claims that both are totally different. How is that so? I was totally perplexed when he told me 1½ feet is not equal to 1.5 feet. Huh?!? If I had said I wanted 1 feet 5 inches (1' 5"), I would understand that it isn't equal to one and a half feet which would in actual fact be 1 feet 6 inches (1' 6"). Do you think I'm that dumb not to know that 1 feet is made up of 12 inches? Sorry dude, in my book one and a half feet is still the same as one-point-five feet. Check your facts before making a fool of yourself.


  1. so u went and gaduh with the guy ah? hahaha!

  2. Nah....I just gave in cos I was too busy and tired to get into a quarrel with him and it turns out he's my neighbour (which I don't get along too well anyway). I just asked for 1½ feet and said 'Oh....really?'. :P