Saturday, December 03, 2005

PC Fair Buys

Visited the latest round of PIKOM PC Fair at PISA today. Went early (10am) to avoid paying for the parking. :P

A few objectives for this trip apart from the usual updating myself on the latest gadgets and pricing. I had to get a 512MB DDR RAM for my lab computer. My labmates are complaining how slow the computer is. I also had to get a mobile HDD for my aunt. Only now does she realise how useless a USB drive is when compared to a mobile HDD. As for myself, I was looking out for a cheap MP3 player/recorder. Actually I'm only interested in the recording part (if you've been reading my blog, you should know why I'm interested in the recording function). I listen to my MP3 collection on my PDA when I'm on the go, so I'm truly not that interested with the playback function on the player/recorder. Since I've missed out on the unbelievable bargain of only RM99.90 for a 256MB MP3 player/recorder at TESCO, I had no choice but to settle for something else.

I purchased a 128MB version for about the same price as the one at TESCO recently, so you should understand my frustrations. Got the RAM for slightly more than RM150 but didn't feel much difference when I installed it on the lab computer. Not sure how my labmates will react to that. The mobile HDD was close to RM400 for the 60GB version. Tried it at home and as expected, it couldn't get enough power for the disk to spin. I've seen many 60GB mobile HDD face this problem before but the lady boss assured me this case wouldn't give problems. I guess I've to confront her with this problem now. Either I get another case which is functional or I've to get a power adaptor to give it enough juice to spin-up.

What I can say about this PC Fair is that it was quite disappointing. It has always been that way ever since this event took the place of the ever popular and successful Microfair a few years back and instead of being a once-a-year event, it is now a three-times-a year thing. Can't blame the exhibitors for not giving rock-bottom bargains when they have to cough up so much money three times a year! Really miss those days when the exhibitors will slash their prices to compete with each other in real time...very much like at the floor of a stock exchange. Sigh, I do hope my investment will return dividends.

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  1. i hate pc fairs. memang not fair. we consumers have to walk like penguins and breathe recycled O2. *cough*

  2. hahaha...that's one way of looking at it! that's why i usually go early or on fridays when there isn't a crowd.