Thursday, December 22, 2005

JPJ Roadblock

While I was going to campus this morning using my usual route through the Bukit Gambier way, I started seeing cars from the opposite side of the road flashing their headlights. That, if you don't know, is the universal language for a roadblock up ahead.

As expected, a major jam developed due to the roadblock. Every now and then, the Road Transport Department (JPJ) would be so kind to hold a roadblock at the top of the hill and cause a problem to all innocent road users. All those illegal road users that they have intended to catch would have taken note of the universal language service provided by those kind souls from the opposite side of the road and also the unexpected massive traffic jam, and made illegal u-turns before coming anywhere close to the roadblocks. What's the purpose of the roadblock then?

While in the jam, queueing up to be inspected by the JPJ officers, I noticed that the car in front of me had a faulty third brake light. I was expecting the car to be pulled over when it was its turn to be inspected. Surprisingly, the car was not pulled over! WTF?!? What's the purpose of the roadblock then?!? Sometimes I just don't understand these people. Are they doing it just to frustrate us innocent road users? What a waste of my time and petrol!!! Unbelievable.

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  1. Wishing You & Your Loves one & Your Family a Blessed Season and throughout the New Year! May 2006 bring you even more Joy, Peace, Health, Prosperity and Happiness.