Friday, December 16, 2005

Potong Rambut

Now you see it, now you don't. I've finally decided to get a haircut. There goes my long hair. :(

I don't know if I'll be able to get used to having short hair again after going so many months with long hair. Well, actually it's not that long (not the longest I've had) but long enough to form a mini ponytail. Of course, I didn't tie it into a ponytail since I think it looks silly on me. :P

It has kept me warm on cold nights and days recently but I had no choice but to part with it. I would have wished to cut my hair much nearer to Chinese New Year but I have to change my student card to the new 'smart card' type, so I decided to finally get a haircut and avoid any problems while renewing my student card. Also, my hair was in the way at times while doing my work, so it's time for it to go.

I had initially wanted to take before and after pictures and also plug my hairstylist but he wanted his face to be inside so he can advertise himself as a single and available...erm, effeminate person looking for loads of love instead of advertising his business. As such, I decided not to do it in fear that my readers will stop reading my blog after vomiting blood after looking at him. :P

Anyway, nothing new actually. I'm paying RM28 for the same hairstyle over and over again. Maybe it might be time for me to find another place to get my hair cut at a cheaper price. It's not that my current hairstylist is not talented but I feel that it might just be too much of a luxury for me to get my hair cut for so much money! Maybe grabbing a shaver and doing it myself would be a better alternative. ;)


  1. r u sure grabbing a shaver is a safe thing to do??look laa....pairing up same pair of shoes pun salah...hehehehe.... (jangan marah....)

  2. haiz...what's the worst thing that can happen? shaving my whole head bald? :P

  3. more nice hair...

    ahem. i thought i got offer to cut your hair for u...for FREE some more...why u don't want? huh?

    like u said...what's the worst thing that can happen...? hehehe..
    cheers babe... ;)
    will check out your new do monday...

  4. my 'new do' is the same do as difference...

    what's the worst that could happen? you could clip my ears off! :P

  5. hmm....
    i am not that clumsy, u know? :P

    it's ok, next time...l

  6. hey, keep it as a wig la. it might come in handy u know.

  7. i know my hair is thin...don't need to rub it in! :P

  8. err. thin meh? :P btw, everyone likes my ponytail! i even encouraged some friends to pull it :P

  9. erm...that's starting to sound! :P

  10. ah dave: ...where's the picture of your pony tail? i wanna see...put in your blog. let us be the judge of whether it is nice or not...

    shern: i think i have to get used to seeing your face with the "new-but-actually-old" hair do. it is nice though :)

  11. i kinda miss my hair though...ppl have been asking me why i did the stupidest thing of getting it cut so short...

    me with long hair nice meh? i've no photo of me with my long hair...