Monday, December 12, 2005

Prepaid War Rages On

A new development to the on-going prepaid war between the three telcos (more like two...). DiGi announces the latest price for their prepaid starter packs - now only RM8.50!

I doubt many would remember or even know of a time when prepaid starter packs were hundreds of ringgit. With such a big difference in the price of the prepaid starter packs then and now, it's not surprising if anyone would to question the sanity of those who purchased prepaid starter packs for hundreds of ringgit back then.

Many would be able to remember however that prepaid starter packs were RM20 in recent times while DiGi introduced theirs at RM18. Maxis then introduced a festive pack, reducing their Hotlink prepaid starter packs to RM10. DiGi was quick to react to slash their starter packs to RM9.90. Just awhile back, new Hotlink starter packs were reduced to RM8.80 only for DiGi to fight back today with a RM8.50 prepaid starter pack. All while this was going on, Celcom's Xpax starter packs remained at RM20. Is it any wonder that Maxis and Digi are raking in the lion's share of new subscribers and Celcom is not exactly expanding their subscriber base much?

Well, it's really a boon for consumers now who wants to get a mobile line. It's so damn cheap now! Looks like it's more of a two horse race between Maxis and DiGi for now. I wonder...when will they slash more of the postpaid rates? ;)


  1. the rerama said that the celcom already dropped to RM5...

  2. oh really...haven't heard/seen anything so far...

    looks like it's heating up!

  3. yeah...i guess the next price cut will be what? rm 2?

    or free??

  4. There are 4 types of starter kit for Celcom. 3G ready is priced at RM28, Normal RM20 pack, Festive RM10 pack and Limited Edition KingKong RM20 pack. U can buy the non-3G pack from me at 20% Discount, which are upgradable to 3G for free until 31/12/2005.

  5. sorry...not interested in tm/celcom/xpax...