Monday, December 05, 2005


I'm so broke now, I've started giving tuition. Not my first attempt but it has been awhile since I last gave tuition. Today was my first day after a year of 'sabatical' or so. :P

For those who have heard me talk (suffer from having to sit through my tortorous yakking more like it!), you should know how I can't stop once I've started. Maybe that's why I like to teach. I can talk and talk and talk. :P Maybe I'm suited to teach after all (but I'm not considering to take up lecturing or a teaching post in school anytime soon!).

I've always liked to impart my knowledge and experience to whoever that is willing to listen and learn. I feel that it is important to share the knowledge and experience that you have gained through your lifetime and not keep them all to yourself. They are the most precious things that you can give to someone. Knowing how you have enriched someone else's life through those 'words of wisdom' (kononnya... :P) is totally priceless.

So people, don't take them all to the grave. Learn to share and you will feel the joy of empowering another soul. And if any of you knows of anyone who's looking for a tutor, let me know...I could use the extra cash! ;) I'm kinda in a financial crisis at the moment. :(


  1. don't worry...your 'ke-wisdom-an' shows ;)

    and, will let u know if i hear of others who would pay to listen to u talk

  2. hahaha...i truly wonder if anyone would want to pay to listen to me talk...(unless they were forced to!) :P

  3. speaking of talk...mana podcast??? fasterrrr...haha

  4. you so desperate to hear my voice meh? :P

  5. yah, your voice so very the sexy. i like. smooch

  6. eeks....

    wat is going on here?
    kshern, since when? with dave some more?!!?! no wonder he has gotten over ms. b...

  7. yerrrr....i must rehire my bodyguard again d!

    anyway, you can check out this podcast instead.