Friday, December 09, 2005

Testing Testing 1-2-3

I'm giving podcasting a try. Maybe not for this blog (as of now and the near future anyway), but for some of my other blogs.

Actually, I think I sound terrible in recordings (not sure how horrible I sound in real life!). I've done recordings for various purposes since young and never liked my voice one bit in those recordings. I guess I just don't have a voice for radio. :P

Nothing much I can do about my voice anyway so I guess I've no choice but to live with it and that goes for all of you too! Don't like it? Too bad. Unless you have a way to improve my voice, then speak up. If not, just live with it. :P

Anyway, check out this very amateurish attempt at podcasting. If you lose your hearing from listening to it, I will not be held responsible. ;)


  1. yo doink...
    your voice at the end part is nice. talk like that the whole time. hehehe...

  2. dowan was a mistake actually....i think i added echo effect accidentally! :P