Sunday, December 25, 2005

I Got Socks For Christmas

It's Christmas!!! So what presents did you get? I got socks for Christmas...seriously, no joke!

I can still remember very clearly the scene in the first episode of Desperate Housewives where the mother threatened his kids that she will call Santa to give them socks for Christmas if they did not behave themselves. I guess I've done some misbehaving to deserve a pair of socks for Christmas. :P

To be fair, it came with a nice pen (which I've not fully unwrapped yet) which I have too many already but I guess it will be useful when I join the workforce later on. I also received a belt from mom. Hmmm...I suppose she noticed how my pants fall nowadays? :P

Yup, these are the type of gifts I get for Christmas - pens, shirts, ties, socks, belts, EDT and occasionally some gadgets and stuff. Well, it's fun receiving gifts whatever they are nonetheless but if you must know, my wish list ranges from the 12" Apple iBook, the Apple iPod nano, the Sony PSP and the 02 Xda Atom among others. A bit on the pricey side but trust me, you won't go wrong buying those gifts. So, to all those generous folks out there, I would be eternally grateful if I get the above-mentioned items as gifts. I have enough socks for now. ;)

(picture from Ultimate Desperate Housewives)


  1. Socks, in Malaysia. I never wear socks when I'm there, my feet would fry.

    Tet Sin gave me a new phone, and I gave him a GPS.

    Practical and necessary, I suppose.

  2. hmmm...gps receiver...i'll add that to my list! thanks ainelivia... ;)

  3. i wanted to get u socks...remember wat u said??
    u called me sexist...

  4. got meh? enough socks la... :P