Thursday, December 29, 2005

MyKad Your Card

Have you changed your Malaysian identity card to the new MyKad yet? If not then you are in deep shit and I feel no pity for all.

I know it sounds very insensitive and all but really, you had a whole two years (or more if not mistaken) to change to the new MyKad, for FREE! It's not like the Government pounced the dateline on you at the last minute. The queue at the National Registration Deparments is understandably very long now considering the Malaysian attitude to wait till the very last minute to do anything. Maybe it's not just Malaysians but it's human nature to leave things to the very end. Sometimes I do that too like my assignments and all but I will have everything planned out first. I just work better under pressure and I just like the adrenaline rush. ;)

The reason for this entry is not meant to criticise the attitudes of those who are only applying for their MyKad's now (well, maybe a little la). I actually want to highlight my brother's situation where he is 17 this year. As you know, we have to change our identity cards by the time we reach 18 years of age. Since if we were to change his identity card to the MyKad this year, then he would have to change to a new card again next year. We contacted the NR department but received different answers each time. One said we have to change this year and change again next year. Another said we have to change this year and don't need to change next year. Yet another one said we don't have to change this year, just wait for next year.

Finally after all the confirmation they got from their superiors, they decided on changing it only next year without penalty or any cost involved. Actually, I don't feel that confident with their answer. I foresee that come December 2006 when my brother needs to change his identity card, he will be charged since they screwed-up with their answers this time. I guess we won't know until next year. I just hope I'm wrong.

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