Tuesday, December 06, 2005

RM1 Coin No More

Today is the final day that the RM1 coin will remain in legal tender. Have you guys got rid of them yet? If not then too bad! :P

Actually, I might have a few lying around somewhere I don't know but I don't really care. I've hated the RM1 coin since the very beginning! In fact, I hate all coins! Coins do have their use like in slot machines and erm....change, but I just hate carrying them around especially in my pants. They are heavy, they make an irritating sound, they fall out and make you poorer! Remember the ridiculous idea of putting RM1 coins inside 'angpows' (red packets) for Chinese New Year? Hate it! They were so heavy to carry and so hard to keep and count! It was totally not practical.

I know other countries like Singapore have bigger coin denominations like $2 and $5 but at least they are widely accepted unlike the RM1 coin here in Malaysia. Also, in Singapore, cash either in paper or coin form is hardly being used anyway. They have different types of plastic to replace cash. Public transport? Transit Card. Shopping? Credit Card. Toilets are free. The parking uses the coupon system. Phone calls? Who doesn't own a mobile phone? I believe Singapore can easily convert to a cashless society.

Anyway, I think it was a wise decision to withdraw the RM1 coin from circulation. It caused more problems than solved them.

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