Saturday, December 10, 2005

Just Addictive!

I'm stuck playing The Sims 2 on the PS2 now. I was similarly hooked on The Sims when I played it on the PC a few years back.

I have a few grouses however. The game is quite limiting. There is this fire hazard limit thing that I can't find a way to get around. I've earned so much money but I just can't spend all that money due to the fire hazard limit thingy. The aspirations stuff can be quite interesting at first but it gets really irritating later on. It limits your buying also and sometimes it asks you to do something over and over again, even those things that you do not want to do...EVER! How uncool is that?

Making friends and keeping them friends is really a task for both The Sims and The Sims 2. They are so fickle-minded and it's as if you have to talk to each and everyone of them everyday! That is very tiring! Sometimes I feel like it's much better if you don't get a job and just stay at home. Painting can earn you much more than what you bring back from work everyday, much more!

The food option is great but why do they always cook the same stuff like roast? Even when you follow the recipe given, something else comes out. What gives? The stuff that you can buy is also quite limiting and dull. Of course you can get the expansion pack but shouldn't you at least give a little more variety? I mean colour in itself is just not enough. The designs should be distinctly different. But the main thing that is making this game less addictive is the fire hazard limit thingy. I guess it's a good thing anyway for me not to be addicted to this game. :)

UPDATE: My cousin found a way to go around that fire hazard limit thingy. He evicted himself and moved back in. Looks like it's a glitch or something. Hmmm...maybe I might be addicted to the game again... :P (updated 12/12/2005)

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