Thursday, December 15, 2005

Shoe Mix-Up

I don't know what was up with me this morning but I did the silliest thing ever. I mixed up my shoes! :P

I didn't realise I had put on different shoes (light brown on the right and dark brown on the left) until a friend of mine pointed out to me that my shoes were different in colour. I didn't get what she meant until I looked down and to my horror, I had different shoes on each of my feet! How humiliating indeed and to think I've been walking around campus with those shoes!

Well, for more context on the shoe mix-up from my friend's point of view (POV), listen to this podcast episode which will contain many other nonsense. :P


  1. hahahha...why didn't u share with your readers about the alternative shoe that u wore after that??
    and the picture too!

    u all want to see the picture? go to the link which says "something smells fishy" under the header "crap i write" on the right panel.... :D

    kshern made my day! hillarious!

  2. i linked to the page already ma.... :P

    and after hearing the podcast, they should have understood... :P

  3. oops...tak notice the link...sorry ye?

    i think the story on the pod cast not so clear....the chepah didn't explain properly. so if ppl don't understand, have to ask her to repeat the story personally.

  4. padan muka! see la...want to tell story also dunno how to tell... :P